Chapter Accreditation & Awards

Recognizing chapters’ excellence is an important part of Phi Kappa Psi. Selections for chapter awards are based on the completion of the Chapter Accreditation Program and are presented each year.  This version of the Accreditation Program comes with several significant changes and enhancements including: 

  • All forms and documentation are submitted electronically 
  • Minimum Operational Performance Standards (core standards) will determine the insurance tier for the chapter in the next academic year 
  • Annual Evaluation 
  • Dispersion of Responsibilities – multiple officers, committee chairmen and other members submit necessary forms on the Phi Psi Portal

Chapter Documents

  1. Dues and Premiums
  2. Risk Management Policy
  3. Risk Management Education Overview

Chapter Accreditation Submission Guidelines:

  1. 2020-21 Phi Kappa Psi Accreditation Overview
  2. 2020-21 Accreditation by Position
  3. 2020-21 Accreditation by Date

The deadline to submit accreditation materials is Saturday, May 1. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Given to ALL chapters who submitted necessary documentation and meet all criteria required in addition to minimum standards criteria.

Given to ALL chapters who submitted necessary documentation and meet all criteria required in addition to lower recognition levels.

Given to ALL chapters who submitted necessary documentation and meet all criteria required in addition to lower recognition levels.

One per district. These chapters have put in the long hours and dedication to the values of the Fraternity throughout all areas of chapter life. They exemplify the pinnacle of achievement in their respective districts as proven by the results submitted through the accreditation process. District Excellence Award winners typically are the finalists for the Grand Chapter Award.

One per district. This award is given to the chapter with a proven performance record in academic excellence. The Woodrow Wilson Award for Scholastic Achievement acknowledges the overall scholastic efforts of a chapter. This award is typically given to chapters with the highest GPA’s on their respective campuses.

The Hyatt “Pat” Eby Community Service Award is presented to the chapter that has served its college and local community through service. Pat Eby was an active member of his community and instrumental in establishing a neighborhood watch program for families and businesses. Eby founded a public relations firm, Hyatt Eby Advertising Counsel and for many years served the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation by writing press releases for the hometown newspapers of the recipients of Summerfield Scholarships. Following our maxim, The Great Joy of Serving Others, the Fraternity honors the chapter that exemplifies this tradition of service and excellence.

This award recognizes a chapter that has gone above and beyond in raising funds for an organization or special cause on a per member basis.

The Dr. Gordon Sparks Letterman Men’s Health Award is named after the grandson of founder William Henry Letterman and the Fraternity’s longtime surgeon general. This award was created by the Executive Council to honor Dr. Letterman’s service to the community as well as to the health care profession. The award is given to the chapter that best utilizes the fraternity chapter as a forum for men’s health education.

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in recruitment, retention, and benefits for a chapter’s membership. The recipient of this award is a chapter that values people and reflects this in its programming. The chapter understands its reputation is only as good as that of its individual members and takes pride in selecting them. This award is given to the chapter that has well defined expectations and standards for receiving a bid, being initiated, and maintaining membership in good standing with the organization. As a result, the chapter has a high potential new member and member retention rate.

The education of our members does not stop at initiation, nor should the programming and intentionality of what chapters do for education. There are many areas in which the chapter can educate its older members and prepare them for life after college. The Griffing-Tate Award for Continued Education is given to the chapter that has a robust and continuous education program after initiation which covers a variety of topics.

The Most Improved Chapter Award recognizes significant and dramatic improvements in all areas of operations from the year prior. The chapter that shows evidence of bettering its abilities in scholarship, membership, undergraduate communications, alumni relations, finance, fraternity education, social activities, and campus reputation is a strong candidate for the Most Improved Chapter Award.

This award is presented to the chapter that reaches above and beyond in the alumni relations area. The chapter does more than host just one or two alumni events per year, but truly takes an approach to engaging alumni that is year-round.