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Building the Leaders of Tomorrow

Second annual Professional Development Conference Branded a Success

The second annual PDC took place the last weekend of October, where 113 undergraduate Phi Psis came to Dallas, Texas to participate in a once in a lifetime program. The inaugural PDC program that took place in 2017 earned Phi Kappa Psi a Laurel Wreath Award for its excellence, and more importantly helped 108 out of 123 attendees secure job offers or internships.

Moments of Gratitude

On Veterans’ Day, we remember the perils of WW1 that led to the commemoration of heroes. 

Thomas Woodrow Wilson (Virginia 1979, Johns Hopskins 1883) was a distinguished leader his entire life. He served as chapter President for two different chapters, and as an official delegate to the 1880 Grand Arch Council, amongst his more well-known professional, academic and political achievements.

Wilson, in his second term of Presidency during World War I, always sought to bring peace and unity to the deep divide of nations.

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