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The upcoming edition of The Shield will focus on our alumni with careers in academia and education. We will feature members who work in (or have retired from) any type of academic field, those with high level contributions to their industry, and those with careers in education.

WANTED: Teachers, professors, deans, principals, faculty members, social workers, counselors, authors, doctors, researchers, and more! 

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The Shield: Summer 2019

This all digital edition of our magazine provides national Fraternity news, letters from alumni, a look into the undergraduate experience, health related features, and so much more.

Whether you’re reading on your phone, tablet, or computer, there’s something in this edition for you. Click on the cover to open the interactive flipbook for reading on your desktop, and here for viewing on a phone or tablet.

What’s Inside…

National News
Thank You, Brother Price
New Executive Council Appointments
Service Immersion Trips recognized by North American Interfraternal Council
Alumni & Chapter News
Checking in with Phi Psi Colonies
Letters to My Younger Self
Volunteer Spotlight: Toby Carlin (West Virginia ’86)
Dreaming Bigger with Brand Newland (Iowa ’00)
Survey Says: Alumni Weigh In on Top Health Concerns
Adulting 101: Health Insurance
Having a Heart to Heart

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Phi Psi’s Abroad

Joe Patterson, member of the University At Buffalo’s New York Eta chapter, recently spent two weeks traveling abroad as part of a leadership experience.  Here, he is pictured in front of Westminster Abbey (the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster) proudly displaying his love for Phi Kappa Psi.  Joe’s May 2019 travels took him to London and Paris as a selected participant in UB’s SLICE program (Student Leadership International Dialogue and Exchange).

Turning the Tides

Remembering D-Day after 75 years

Before he gave official orders to commence Operation Overload, the code name for the battle of Normandy, Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower delivered a speech to those soldiers, sailors, and airmen who would go into one of the most significant battles of World War II. If the Allied Forces were to succeed in the war, the success of Operation Overload was crucial, and this speech was made to inspire those brave forces who were about to go into battle.  “I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full victory!”

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Listen . . . Are You?

By Tom Ford (Virginia Tech ’83)

Let’s talk about communication, more importantly listening. 

Do you know what communication is? Do you know what effective communication is? Do you know there are just two aspects to communication? That’s right, there are just two. Just because there are only two that doesn’t mean effective communication is easy.  

There are a few things that you must do to have effective communication. Notice I keep using the word effective. Many people attempt to communicate, but many times they flounder because many times they just want to hear themselves talk, or they don’t care to listen. When those things happen, that’s when effective communication goes out the window. I’ll be the first person to say I don’t always communicate effectively. As my wife has pointed out, II’m not communicating about food, sports or fitness, then my communication tends to lack. I know plenty of men that have gotten the same feedback. Seriously, we all can work on increasing the effectiveness of our communication! 

And there you have it! I just told you the two parts of communication. Did you catch them? The two parts are sending information and receiving information. Did you know we send and receive information utilizing all 5 senses? And did you know over 80% of all communication is nonverbal? Did you also know the hardest part of communication is receiving and understanding information or listening well! 

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Denver SIT 2019

“The whole purpose of the trip was to truly understand poverty and learn what we can do to prevent it. I’ve learned that poverty can be broken down into three main components; lack of food, lack of shelter, and lack of education. Each of the nonprofits that we worked with emphasized a different component of poverty. So by the end of the week we were able to experience all three phases of what it takes to fight poverty at the community level.”-  Troy Barnes (Oregon State ’17)

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Founders’ Day 2019

Central Iowa Celebrates 167 Years

Central Iowa Phi Kappa Psi met on March 30, 2019 postponed from a blizzard weekend in February. Collegians from Iowa State and the University of Iowa joined alumni to provide updates and celebrate Founders’ Day.

Presidents from both state universities summarized their year. They were followed by three University of Iowa Phi Psi’s who talked about Student Care, a non-profit founded by members that supports college students with disabilities and improves relationships that provide increased accessibility and integration  into the college community.  www.collegestudentscare.org

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Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Announces Comprehensive Member Verification Project 

Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity is partnering with Dallas, Texas-based Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI) to launch a comprehensive member verification project that will kick off Friday, April 5 and continue through Friday, Oct. 4.

Alumni members are encouraged to update their information by calling 1-866-668-5237 beginning April 8. Following the close of the campaign, members can purchase a hard copy of the directory or a CD containing the same information electronically. Purchasing information for the Grand Catalogue will be shared at a later time.

“To ensure the most accurate member information is collected, brothers are encouraged to contact PCI’s phone center,” said Phi Kappa Psi National President Shannon Price (Alabama ‘88). “Participation in this project is voluntary, but it can help you build new connections with fellow brothers to last a lifetime.”

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The Shield – Spring 2019

This edition of our quarterly magazine focuses on how our members uphold our values through genuine acts of service and kindness to friends, brothers, and strangers alike. See below to read featured stories on the News Page, or access the online viewer of the print publication here.

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From the Heart

Former Phi Kappa Psi employees partner to write a children’s book on love

It’s been said time and again that opposites attract, and for Scott Sutton (Lycoming ’04) and Alec Traub (UC Irvine ’99) who met inside Heritage Hall in downtown Indianapolis during the summer of 2004, this was especially true. Sutton grew up in a small farming community in central Pennsylvania and had just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications. A skinny, dark-haired young man, he was about to travel the country with no GPS as a Chapter Services Consultant. Traub, who hailed from Beverly Hills, was set to take over the Fraternity’s Expansion efforts. As they learned everything necessary to be successful in their jobs, the two were realizing Greek letters were not the only thing they had in common.

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Service To Your Community and Country

Two Officers and a Phi Psi Gentlemen
North Carolina Teacher of the Year Makes Lasting Impact
Phi Psi Family Member Donald Moore supports the future of fraternities

Advocating for Meaningful Change

Making Nutrition a Priority for All

Brotherly Love

Pennsylvania Lambda Brothers of the 70s & 80s band together to help a brother in need

Assistive Technology

Brother’s dedication provides hope to persons with disabilities

Our phones can mean we’re always connected and always on. This can get to be exhausting. Try using your phone with intentionality. As you reach for your phone, pause and ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” The reason may be one that will give you energy as you are getting positive information or connection. However, if you find there isn’t a good reason for what you’re doing, or it’s going to put negativity in your day, it may be best to opt out of that check-in. 

Discover the benefits of mindfulness

The Shield

Winter 2018 – Annual Report Edition

Read about how the Fraternity has continued to fulfill our goals through an enhanced member development experience, efforts to further drive recruitment and retention, chapter and member accountability, and alumni engagement in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

If you would like to receive this online version of The Shieldsent to your email address, subscribe here now. The online version boasts improved accessibility, videos, links to additional content and more. You will also receive exclusive online Phi Psi News updates in these emails.

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Returning to Glory

Indiana Beta Colony leads by example

Toward the end of his sophomore year, Nate Sands (Indiana ’17) was approached by the Indiana University Student Life office about an opportunity to lead the new Phi Psi Colony. Indiana Beta has a rich history on campus, but has been on hiatus since the chapter was closed in 2015.

Returning in August 2017 for his junior year, Sands made it a priority to bring Phi Kappa Psi back to Indiana University and restore it to its former glory. Using his connections to Student Life leaders and his peers at the IU Kelly School of Business, Sands was able to recruit 69 members throughout the course of the 2017-18 academic year. This strong comeback was a direct result of successful recruitment, philanthropic and academic excellence, and involvement in campus-wide traditions, namely the Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM) and the Little 500 Race, both events where the Colony has been heavily involved.

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Phi Kappa Psi goes all out for Movember

The Fraternity surpasses their fundraising goal of $24,000 for the fourth year of Movember participation

After another year of Movember participation in the books, we are thrilled to see how our undergraduate members are embracing the cause to join the fight to stop premature death in males. Since the launch of our partnership with the Movember Foundation in 2015, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity has raised a grand total of $74,318 to go toward men’s health research and awareness.  This past Movember, we set a goal of raising #24inYear4, and we are thrilled to report that we have surpassed our goal by raising a total of $25,242 for the Movember Foundation. We couldn’t have done this without our chapters, who impress us every year by not only raising money, but by being passionate about improving men’s health by taking care of themselves and showing support for their peers, family and friends.

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Show and Tell 

West Virginia Alpha Puts its History on Display

By Luke Robinson, (West Virginia ’17

When I initially took over as Chapter Historian at West Virginia Alpha, I felt completely overwhelmed. I was tasked with learning and teaching the history of a chapter that dates back to 1890 as well as telling the story that we write every day.

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Building the Leaders of Tomorrow

Second annual Professional Development Conference branded a success

The second annual Professional Development took place the last weekend of October, where 113 undergraduate Phi Psis came to Dallas, Texas to participate in a truly once in a lifetime program. The inaugural PDC program that took place in 2017 earned Phi Kappa Psi a Laurel Wreath Award for its excellence, and more importantly helped 108 out of 123 attendees secure job offers or internships.

The undergraduates were split up and paired with twenty-two volunteer coaches, who led small group sessions and worked with them on a personal level to assist in preparing them for the next chapter of their life: establishing and flourishing in a career. The coaches responsible for lighting a fire under the students’ bellies were no ordinary volunteers, they are Phi Psi alumni who boast insanely successful careers in about every field imaginable. Small groups were organized strategically by Associate Director of Member Development and planner of the 2018 PDC, James McLendon, so that students could network and work with others of like-minded interests.

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Moments of Gratitude

On Veterans’ Day, we remember the perils of WW1 that led to the commemoration of heroes. 

Thomas Woodrow Wilson (Virginia 1979, Johns Hopskins 1883) was a distinguished leader his entire life. He served as chapter President for two different chapters, and as an official delegate to the 1880 Grand Arch Council, amongst his more well-known professional, academic and political achievements.

Wilson, in his second term of Presidency during World War I, always sought to bring peace and unity to the deep divide of nations.  And for this peace Wilson had a clear plan; his ideas for the negotiation of peace were outlined in his famous speech, Fourteen Points. Included in this proposal was the formation of the League of Nations, a precursor to the United Nations. While the League of Nations and many of the Fourteen Points were never ratified by Congress, President Wilson’s efforts contributed to the end of WW1 with the signing of the Armistice Agreement on November 11, 1918. We commemorate this date each year out of respect and gratitude for our veterans.

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