By Ben Teague Indiana ’19, Senior Director of Technology

Ben Teague - Director of Technology


With the Grand Arch Council coming up, one thing that I am excited about is to be able to connect with other brothers through the Whova App. If you haven’t already registered for GAC in Minneapolis, the official registration is through Whova. This event itself opens approximately 90 days before GAC begins and allows everyone to start preparing in advance. Whether you use the desktop version or my favorite, the smart phone app, Whova is an interactive event management tool that allows all the GAC attendees to connect and share resources leading up to and through the conference.

One of my favorite features is the message board. These threads allow different topics to be discussed, and you have the ability to add photos before and during the event. At the end of the 2022 GAC in Indianapolis, I was able to sit down and look at all the interesting photos that everyone submitted and relive the great time that was had by all. Capturing those moments where brothers had connected and shared selfies really made the entire event memorable.

Once the Whova Event is live, anyone who has registered for GAC will gain access to a myriad of resources so that they can plan their trip. Like GAC 2022, there will be meetups posted, ride-shares and other interest groups conversing and getting excited for the event. 

So, register early by visiting our website and you will be notified when the Whova Event has started. See you there!

For more information on GAC registration, go to: