By Ryan Vandenberg Oregon ’23

Vandenberg and Chip Barker Larrimore ’82

Last summer, the Oregon Alpha Chapter celebrated its 100th anniversary and rechartered. A centennial celebration is a rare occasion, and it marks a century of history, brotherhood and traditions that have stood the test of time. When coupled with the momentous event of rechartering, after two years of tireless effort, it signifies the enduring bonds of brotherhood and is a testament to the group that we have formed today. 

Although many young men across the country join fraternity life, very few have the unique opportunity to join a colony in its inception and become a founding father. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, having learned so many crucial lessons along the way. 

It takes a specific group of individuals to accomplish this task in a short amount of time. With enormous persistence and dedication, the bonds of brotherhood have only grown stronger. Only a few of us were familiar with the scope of the brotherhood outside of our own chapter, and since rechartering, our passion and commitment to the Fraternity has soared. 

The anniversary celebration itself was stunning, with the entire weekend culminating in our banquet with alumni from across the nation. The reception at the house gave us a preview of the coming school year, with the brothers staying in the iconic chapter house together. It was the first time many of the brothers had ever been there, and it gave the group an immense sense of pride seeing history and brotherhood being restored within these walls. 

Without the devotion of the undergraduate members, and the enduring support from both local and national alumni, the rechartering would not have been possible. The chapter owes a great deal of thanks to our advisor, PJ Sarkar ASU ‘20, and to the Oregon Alpha Chapter Advisory team and Housing Corporation. Their insight and support have been critical to the success of our budding chapter, as we mature both as individuals and as an organization. 

The 100th anniversary of Oregon Alpha and the rechartering of its new generation signifies the ascension to prominence on campus once again. It was a historic weekend and allowed us to reflect on the past, celebrate the present and envision the future of our brotherhood.

PJ Sarkar (top left) and the first initiation class at the newly rechartered Oregon Alpha

Christian Guizitas ‘23

Ryan Vandenberg (left) and Ethan Burnham ‘23 (right) are joined by their families at the 100th Anniversary.