By HQ Staff


In November 2023, Archon Nick Gallioto Louisiana Alpha ‘22 submitted his resignation due to unforeseen circumstances. A student working his way through college, Gallioto realized that juggling two jobs while taking classes did not allow the time to devote to the role at the standard it deserves. He stated, “I am deeply sorry that I cannot fulfill my duties as Archon, and I trust that my successor will be better equipped to serve the Fraternity in this role.” Brother Gallioto remains committed to the values and principles of Phi Psi. “I look forward to continuing to be a part of this remarkable brotherhood.”

Deputy Archon Brett Thibodeaux UL Lafayette ‘22 assumed the role in Gallioto’s stead. Each brother made tough decisions and exercised life skills that will help them frame choices and actions in the future.

A recent recipient of the William R. Walker Award scholarship, Brother Thibodeaux is a business management major with a concentration in legal studies. He joined the Fraternity because he found Phi Psi to be unmatched at his university. “I met with alumni and the brothers throughout recruitment, and that gave me the vision to join an organization that would last beyond college.”

Clearly a forward-thinker, Thibodeaux credits his grandmother for having the most impact on his life. A woman who lived to be 97, she also was part of a group focused on a purpose that would influence generations. Thibodeaux shared what he considers part of their special connection, “She, too, joined an organization in her late teens/early 20s — much bigger than anything I do in life — she was a ‘Rosie’ (defense worker) during World War II, welding war ships.” One of many women who learned early in life to step up and step out in service to her country and to others, she exemplified strong and loyal character. That resonated with Thibodeaux. “She treated everyone she met with respect and left her mark everywhere she went.”

Thibodeaux said the best advice he has ever been given is: “Everything happens for a reason.” Seeing that play out in real time, Thibodeaux reflected, “As the former Deputy Archon,
I was not originally elected as the District IV Archon. Facing that loss has allowed me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses.” And it prepared him for a situation he did not anticipate. “When I found out I was going to become Archon, the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ was my first thought.” 

In his new role, Thibodeaux stepped in with short notice to attend the fall Executive Council meeting in Indianapolis and looks forward to working first-hand on the national level. “I understand that this is a privilege and will allow me to be a part of something much greater than myself.” His grandmother would be proud of the path he chose, serving his brotherhood now for the betterment of the organization in the future.