Notable Alumni

In more than a century and a half of service and commitment to “the great joy of serving others,” Phi Kappa Psi has had several standout members join its ranks.  Numerous members have gone on to enjoy great success in a variety of fields, ranging from politics, writing, entertainment, music, and so on.  We’ve highlighted a few of our notable alumni and encourage your to learn more about the noble men of Phi Kappa Psi.

Woodrow WilsonVirginia Alpha1879United States President (1913-1921)
Ato EssandohNew York Alpha1992Actor (Vernon Elliot - Altered Carbon)
Everson GriffenCalifornia Delta2009Professional Athlete (NFL)
Taj GibsonCalifornia Delta2007Professional Athlete (NBA)
Michael BloombergMaryland Alpha1961Founder (Bloomberg L.P.)
Mayor (New York City, 2002-2013)
John AstinMaryland Alpha1949Actor (Gomez Addams - The Addams Family)
Peter GravesMinnesota Beta1946Actor (James Phelps - Mission Impossible TV Series)
Alexander LudwigCalifornia Delta2010Actor (Cato - The Hunger Games)
Frank MorganNew York Alpha1908Actor (Title character - The Wizard of Oz)
Charles "Buddy" RogersKansas Alpha1923Actor (Jack Powell - Wings)
Roy ScheiderPennsylvania Eta1954Actor (Martin Brody - Jaws)
Justin WalkerVirginia Beta1987Actor (Christian Stovitz - Clueless)
Henry H. ApplePennsylvania Eta1885University President (Franklin & Marshall College)
William E. BoggsSouth Carolina Alpha1857University President (University of Georgia)
George F. BovardIndiana Alpha1877University President (University of Southern California)
Thomas H. HamiltonIndiana Alpha1933University President (University of Hawaii; State University of New York)
David C. Hardesty, Jr.West Virginia Alpha1964University President (West Virginia University)
Edmund J. JamesIllinois Alpha1879University President (University of Illinois)
Timothy R. LannonNebraska Beta1970University President (University of Creighton)
John McBrydeSouth Carolina Alpha1859University President (Virginia Tech; University of South Carolina)
John W. OswaldIndiana Alpha1935University President (Penn State; University of Kentucky)
John P. SchlegelNebraska Beta1979University President (Creighton University; University of San Francisco)
James R. ThorntonVirginia Gamma1867University President (Hampden-Sydney College)
Rees Edgar TullossOhio Beta1901University President (Wittenberg University)
Andrew TruxalPennsylvania Eta1916University President (Anne Arundel Community College; Hood College)
Chuck VestWest Virginia Alpha1960University President (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
John Driskell HopkinsGeorgia Alpha1990Bassist (Zac Brown Band)
Herbert DowOhio Epsilon1906Founder (Dow Chemical Company)
Bob DudleyIllinois Delta1974CEO (British Petroleum)
Tony HortonRhode Island Beta1977Exercise Instructor (P90X)
Robert Warren MillerNew York Alpha1952Co-Founder (DFS Group)
Jerry YangCalifornia Beta1987Co-Founder (Yahoo!)
Joseph W. BarrIndiana Alpha1936United States Secretary of the Treasury (1968-1969)
John T. ConnorNew York Beta1933United States Secretary of Commerce (1965-1967)
J. Edward DayIllinois Beta1939United States Postmaster General (1961-1963)
Mark FilipIllinois Delta1986United States Attorney General (2009)
Stephen HadleyNew York Alpha1966United States National Security Advisor (2005-2009)
A. Mitchell PalmerPennsylvania Kappa1889United States Attorney General (1919-1921)
Carl SchurzNew York Alpha1870United States Secretary of the Interior (1877-1881)
Pierce ButlerMinnesota Alpha1885United States Supreme Court (1922-1939)
Dan DakichIndiana Beta1982Radio Host (1070 "The Fan")
Mark SpitzIndiana Beta1969Professional Athlete (Olympic Swimmer)
Ron YaryCalifornia Delta1966Professional Athlete (NFL)
George YardleyCalifornia Beta1947Professional Athlete (NBA)
Michael TroyIndiana Beta1959Professional Athlete (Olympic Swimmer)
John MichelsCalifornia Delta1992Professional Athlete (NFL)

For a complete list of notable alumni, please visit the following link.