Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Phi Kappa Psi has several volunteer opportunities for dedicated alumni looking to connect with our brothers and share their passion for Phi Psi. To view current volunteer opportunities, visit the Phi Psi Portal and click on the “Get Involved” at the top. You can learn more about volunteer opportunities on the Chapter Advisory Board below.



Each chapter is supported by a group of volunteers called the Chapter Advisory Board. This board is made up by 10 positions. We invite you to read more about our chapter advisory board positions below so you can get an introduction to the possible volunteer roles. When you’re ready, complete the Volunteer Interest Form to let us know which roles most interest you.

For more information on serving on a housing corporation board or an alumni association board, please contact

chapter advisor talking to undergraduate member


The colony/chapter advisor is the leader of the advisory team and works directly with chapter leadership, specifically the GP, VGP, governing committee and new members of the chapter. He/she assists in all the areas of the chapter/colony’s operations and builds an advisory team to provide further support. The chapter advisor is the primary contact for the national fraternity, university/college, and family of undergraduate members.

The faculty/academic advisor works with the scholarship chairman, the scholarship committee, undergraduate initiated members, and new members. He/She supports the initiatives of the host institution. He/She should also encourage and work with the chapter to achieve top quartile status in grades. This individual should be a member of the faculty, administration, or staff of the host college or university.

The membership recruitment advisor serves on the chapter advisor team and is responsible for working with the recruitment chairman, recruitment committee, and undergraduate membership of the chapter. The role focuses on supporting the recruitment process; helping mentor and provide input on membership situations and assist in reporting changes in membership.

The fraternity education advisor works closely with the fraternity educator(s), fraternity education committee and any other undergraduate members involved in the fraternity education process. He/She helps to construct a written program that coincides with the Phi Psi’s fraternity education guidelines. He/She will also work to schedule retreats for the new members and initiated members of the chapter, suggest alumni/speakers, and other opportunities for participation to accent the program.

The finance advisor works with the treasurer (P), finance committee, and the finance committee chairman to review the chapter budget and the budgets submitted by each chapter committee. It is recommended that he/she encourage the use of an independent accounting firm to provide an annual report. He/She should also work to ensure that proper accounting measures and fiscal responsibility measures are in place.