Binge-worthy shows and movies featuring Phi Psis

Looking for something new to add to your television queue? Look no further!

  • Wings – Winner of the first ever Academy Award for Best Picture starring Charles “Buddy Rogers” Kansas 1923
    Available for purchase on Amazon Prime
  • Addams Family (TV Show) – Starring John Astin Johns Hopkins ’49 as Gomez Addams
    Both seasons available on Amazon Prime
  • Mission: Impossible (TV Show) – Starring Peter Graves Minnesota ’46 as James Phelps
    Available on CBS All Access, Amazon Prime (1 season)
  • Airplane! – Starring Peter Graves Minnesota ’46 as Captain Clarence Oveur
    Available on Showtime Anytime and Epix or to rent or buy on Amazon Prime
  • Richie Rich – Featuring Edward Herrmann Bucknell ’62 as Mr. Rich Sr.
    Available on Netflix
  • Wizard of Oz – Featuring Frank Morgan Cornell 1908 as the titular Wizard of Oz (and four other minor roles)
    Available on TBS & TNT Everywhere subscriptions
  • Jaws – Staring Roy Scheider F&M ’54 as police chief Martin Brody
    Available on MaxGo and Cinemax (Amazon Prime Video)
  • Scrubs – Staring Zach Braff Northwestern ’94 as Dr. John Dorian
    Available on Hulu, Comedy Central (2 seasons)
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle – Featuring Edward Everett Horton Brooklyn Polytechnic 1907 as the Narrator in the Fractured Fairy Tales segments
    Not currently available for streaming
  • Chicago Med – Featuring Ato Essandoh Cornell ’92 as Dr. Isidore Latham in Seasons 2 & 3
    Available on Hulu (1 season), NBC (2 seasons)
  • Elementary – Featuring Ato Essandoh Cornell ’92 as Alfredo Llamosa occasionally in seasons 1-4 and 6
    Available on Hulu (7 seasons), CBS (2 seasons)
  • Garden State – Written, directed, and starring Zach Braff Northwestern ’94 as Andrew Largeman, and featuring Ato Essandoh Cornell ’92 as Titembay
    Not currently available for streaming
  • Hunger Games – Featuring Alexander Ludwig Southern Cal ’10 as Cato
    Not currently available for streaming
  • Vikings – Starring Alexander Ludwig Southern Cal ’10 as Bjorn Ironside
    Available on Amazon Prime and Hulu (All Seasons), History Channel (1 Season)
  • Earth: Final Conflict – Starring Robert Leeshock Cornell ’81 as Liam Kincaid
    Available on Amazon Prime
  • Freaky Friday (1976 version) – Featuring John Astin Johns Hopkins ’49 as Bill Andrews
    Available on Disney+
  • Masters of the Universe – Featuring Anthony DeLongis Northridge ’68 as Blade
    Available on Starz
  • Gilmore Girls – Starring Edward Herrmann Bucknell ’62 as Richard Gilmore
    Available on Netflix
  • The Scorpion King – Featuring Grant Heslov USC ’82 as Arpid
    Not currently available for streaming
  • The French Connection – Starring Roy Scheider F&M ’54 as Detective Buddy “Cloudy” Russo
    Available on Hulu
  • Clueless – Featuring Justin Walker W&L ’87 as Christian
    Available on Epix
  • Breaking Away – Written by Steve Tesich Indiana ’62,  taking on his own experiences at IU and the Little 500. Tesich was a Little 500 rider himself and went on to win the 1979 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for the movie.
    Available to rent or purchase on Amazon Prime
  • Breaking Bad – Featuring Steven Quezada Eastern New Mexico ’82 as Steve Gomez.
    Available on Netflix
  • The Cry (2019)Featuring – Samuel Whitehill Texas Tech ’66 as White Barns
    Available on Amazon Prime
  • Parrot Heads – Written by Bryce Wagoner East Carolina ’94.
    Available for free on Tubi with ads, or for purchase on Prime