Expanding West

Carlos Giordani CSUN ’18

Our expansion team recently had the privilege of visiting the University of Utah colony, which was established in the spring of 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, their initial attempt at recruitment was held virtually. It proved to be challenging for them to form a strong bond in a brand new colony through unprecedented times. Our goal was to support and assist this group to help expand our brotherhood on campus.

Utah colony members

Alpha class at the University of Utah colony.

When we arrived at the university, our two man colony had little support or sense of direction. Over the next few weeks, we worked together to recruit and retain men that exemplified the ideals of Phi Psi. Through combined efforts, we were able to bring along six extraordinary new members to join the colony. These new members are determined in pursuing the first Phi Kappa Psi charter in the state of Utah. We are ecstatic to see what this group can accomplish in the coming years. You can follow their journey by visiting the Phi Psi Utah Instagram page.

With a strong foundation in place at Utah, our focus now moves toward the re-establishment of the Oregon Alpha colony at the University of Oregon (UO). Phi Psi has 98 years of history at UO. Our goal is to recruit the high quality men who are ready to create their own legacy. Through the support of numerous stakeholders, we know that Phi Kappa Psi will thrive once again at UO. To stay up to date on all things Oregon, follow our Instagram page.

If any alumni or friends would like to refer an undergraduate to join the brotherhood at UO, please fill out our interest form.

Brother Giordani recently joined the Phi Psi expansion team to help recruit, retain and develop the finest men on campuses across the nation. He is an avid chess player always will to “checkmate” someone. When he isn’t playing chess, you can find him escaping to the outdoors to take in a good hike, in the gym focusing on his physical fitness or helping other achieve success in their diet routine.