Phi Kappa Psi Executive Council releases 2018-19 fraternity education expectations

Indianapolis (July 31, 2018) — During the 79th Biennium of the Grand Arch Council (GAC) in Las Vegas, attendees convened and participated in meaningful discussions pertaining to the future of Phi Kappa Psi. Following the convention, the Executive Council (EC) unanimously agreed that the landscape of the organization is dynamic and ever-changing. Therefore, tough decisions about how to operate and enforce policies must be made. GAC provided an opportunity to educate the membership and refocus efforts.

Several highly-debated topics were discussed, including a focus on fraternity education practices due to dangerous behaviors within Phi Kappa Psi and other Greek organizations. In February, after careful consideration of factors creating unhealthy cultures in chapters, the EC approved a 10-day new member orientation period, as opposed to the current six-week model that has been used for the better part of two decades. GAC allowed members to engage in dialogue regarding the efficacy of such a policy and the direction the brotherhood should head. The EC entrusted alumni, undergraduates, and staff to discuss the topic at length, and at least 25% of GAC attendees debated this topic at any given time. Over the course of four committee meetings, determinations were made:

  •  The power dynamic inherent in the current new member process has the potential for unhealthy behaviors.
  •  The industry is shifting quickly, and shorter new member education periods are coming for all chapters eventually.
  •  The Committee did not endorse a 10-day new member period in its current form, but exploring a revised model was endorsed.
  • Additional resources should be invested in recruitment training.
  •  The Committee recommended that a task force of undergraduates, alumni, industry experts, and staff be organized to monitor the construction of new programs.
  • There was full support of the new continuing education program for members.
  • The Ritual Committee recommended that all mentions of the terminology ‘pledge’ should be removed.

Following GAC, the Executive Council voted on several directives for the 2018-2019 school year, including:

  •  Soliciting volunteer chapters to test 10- and 21-day pilot New Member Orientation programs. All other chapters are expected to adhere to the current six-week member education program.
  • The EC will form a New Member Education Task Force to examine best approaches. After considering the data and recommendations of the task force, the EC will vote on a revised member education model to be implemented in Fall 2019.

“The EC is encouraged and inspired by the brotherhood and the commitment toward creating a healthier future for Phi Kappa Psi,” said Phi Kappa Psi national president Shannon Price (Alabama ’88). “We look forward to the growth as we chart a new course for our new member education efforts.