At each Grand Arch Council (GAC), the Fraternity participates in a philanthropic activity to demonstrate our commitment to The Great Joy of Serving Others. The Fraternity will be supporting the Minneapolis Public School System by providing needed school supplies and raising funds through our philanthropy initiative. More information about supplies needed and specific funds to donate to can be found below.

Our philanthropy project is the perfect way to engage all members of Phi Kappa Psi, whether or not you can attend this year’s GAC.

Here’s how you can participate:



You have the option to donate various school supplies on-site at GAC. Below are lists of backpack contents for Elementary and Middle school. You can donate a complete backpack + contents or any of the supplies below.

Supplies will be gathered at Registration each morning from Wednesday to Saturday.

Item Quantity
Backpack (16 in) 1
Pocket Folder 2
Notebook (wide ruled) 2
Crayons (24 ct) 1
Markers (8 ct) 1
Colored Pencils (12 ct) 1
Pencil Pouch 1
Pencil (#2) 12
Glue Sticks (washable) 2
Eraser (pink bevel) 2
Pencil Sharpener (with lid) 1
Scissors (5 inch blunt) 1

Middle/High School Backpack Contents

Item Quantity
Backpack (17 in) 1
Pocket Folders 5
Notebook (college ruled) 5
Scientific Calculator 1
Pencil (#2) 12
Pens 4
Highlighters 2



Phi Kappa Psi will be raising money for two different funds. Information on each fund and how to donate are provided below.

  • New Arrival Support-Multilingual Newcomers Fund – Managed by the Family Resource Center team who support newly arrived students and families enrolling in MPS. This year, we have had over 2,000 new to country students enroll with MPS. This fund supports winter clothing and supplies that are needed, transportation to school-related activities, and family engagement events.
  • Homeless & Highly Mobile Fund – This fund supports our students experiencing homelessness in MPS with materials, transportation, move-in kits, winter clothing, and more. This is managed by our Homeless and Highly Mobile team.


If you wish to make an online donation, please follow the directions carefully so donations are designated to correct funds and are from members of Phi Kappa Psi.

  1. Go to Achieve Twin Cities – Donate to MPS Page (
  2. Where should your gift go? – select ‘MPS Public Schools’
  3. Select your gift amount
  4. Designation:
    • Donate to a MPS school or department: Select “other” and write in fund name along with including Phi Kappa Psi + District (for example: “Multilingual Newcomers Fund – Phi Kappa Psi D1” or “Homeless & Highly Mobile Fund – Phi Kappa Psi D3“)
  5. Fill out your personal information for billing and payment details


Will your district raise the most money for Minneapolis Public Schools? Let’s find out!

Why not spice up our philanthropy project with some good old friendly competition? We want to find out which district can donate the most amount of money to MPS. In order to accurately track donations by district, we ask that you include your District number included with your donation, following this style: DX (D for district, X for district number)

Results will be announced around mid-August! Good luck to all the districts!