Alcohol Skills Training Program

Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) is a risk reduction intervention originally developed by the University of Washington to help students and young adults develop skills to either effectively resist using alcohol, or limit their consumption of alcohol. ASTP focuses on skill building and risk reduction rather than complete abstinence from alcohol, recognizing that some college students choose to drink, and that any steps towards risk reduction is a positive step. The goal of ASTP is for students to have a better understanding of how alcohol affects the body, how to properly measure your alcohol consumption, develop skills to limit the amount of alcohol consumed per occasion, and how to better intervene during high risk situations.

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“This presentation was more targeted towards our group than a typical generic university presentation. The information was not only focused on alcohol safety for oneself, but went into greater detail on how to be mindful and aware of those drinking around you.” – Massachusetts Beta

“Our facilitator was very engaging with the chapter. He gave us useful information, and he was very good at relating the information to a large chapter like ours.” – Indiana Delta