ELEVATE The Conversation was created to provide members the opportunity to facilitate in-house chapter conversations about health and wellness. These conversations look at issues in ways that relate to members, while expanding knowledge and skills for addressing issues a brother may experience. The program is designed to easily fit into chapter events and operations and the conversations were built with student schedules in mind. The shortest conversations are 20 minutes and the longest one hour. Conversations were researched and created by Phi Kappa Psi staff and Phi Psi Family volunteers. Guides are easy to follow, and any member who wants to take this content can easily start a chapter conversation around health and wellness.

Conversations are offered on the following topics:

General (Men’s) Health – A focus on body image, physical activity, healthy eating and/or healthy life choices related to one’s body. These conversations point to awareness and improvement of self-care, self-esteem and/or stress management.

Mental/Emotional Health – A focus on one (or more) emotions. These conversations relate to emotional expression and managing life’s challenges. They also support recognizing and seeking help for mental health concerns.

Healthy Relationships – A focus on a brother’s connection with others. These conversations focus on building and maintaining positive relationships with family, friends, brothers and/or relationship partners.

Masculinity – A focus on understanding the role of socialization in attitudes and beliefs. These conversations allow for a critical examination of media and messaging around gender.

If you have any questions about Elevate The Conversation or are interested in becoming more involved, please contact memberdevelopment@phikappapsi.com.