Social Strengths

Social Strengths is a program created by Prevention Culture for use by fraternities and sororities. The program focuses on sexual violence prevention and healthy relationships through the lens of discussion what it means to be a man and the kind men members aspire to be. Specifically, this program focuses on four dimensions of strength to discuss the role each man can plan in prevention and creating safe, healthy relationships: Strength of Composure, Strength of Assertiveness, Strength of Being Above Coercion or Pressure, and the Strength of Looking Out for Others. The primary vehicle for this content is through an interactive, in-person presentation. Supplemental content and resources are available in e-book content to all members. It is the fraternity’s goal that this program will help members to understand the role they can have in building healthy relationships and prevention sexual violence in their campus communities.

Who is Involved?

  • All chapters and colonies will receive a Social Strengths presentation during one of their two consultant visits.
  • The consultants will be the primary facilitators of this content.
  • This initiative will be overseen by the Membership Development Team, specifically the Director of Health & Wellness. Other teams will be informed and/or consulted depending on the content and focus of the work.
  • Regular updates and reports will be provided to the entire Headquarters team, Executive Council and Phi Kappa Psi Foundation Program Committee

What is the Goal?

  • Increased member knowledge on the topic of sexual violence prevention and healthy relationships
  • Expansion of responsibility for safety of members and guests beyond chapter president, risk manager and other organizational officers
  • Increased comfortability with discussions on masculinity and how to create safe environments for members and guests
  • Enhanced ability to assess risk and identify issues, as well as appropriate solutions
  • Increased member awareness of available resources
  • Increased member commitment to education and dialogue on the topic


“I would say this program benefits brothers understanding on how to positively take action and precaution to prevent unwanted situations from occurring.”

“The importance of this program is priceless. Problematic situations and sexual violence are two things that should be avoided. Thus, the program on this brought a needed light towards it.”

“I think the biggest takeaway for our chapter was learning about the bystander effect. It is definitely an awkward topic to talk about when it comes to intervening in situations especially when people can be intoxicated, but the presentation gave us a lot of helpful tips on how to appropriately handle the situation.”

“This program took a different approach to the subject that most programs don’t focus on. Instead of attacking the male fraternity stereotype, it helped to understand benefits in changing possibly dangerous situations.”

“This is a topic everyone needs to be aware of and educated about. It’s relevant to having a campus where people feel safe and want to spend their time. College is a home away from home and everyone should feel welcome.”

Social Strengths Request Form

You can request the Social Strengths program HERE.