Wellness Wednesday


Having taken flight in October 2016, Wednesdays have become Wellness Wednesday, a continuation of the Fraternity’s commitment to health and wellness.  The Fraternity’s Instagram account (phikappapsi) features five to 10 story posts that provide information, ideas and suggestions to improving overall wellness.  The content is created and presented by the Fraternity’s Director of Health and Wellness.  This serves as a weekly reminder to members on how to quickly, yet adequately, manage their health and continuously seek the best version of themselves possible.

Previous Wellness Wednesday topics have been wide-reaching, and have included a number of health and wellness initiatives that are both national movements and Phi Kappa Psi endorsed campaigns.

Submit a Question

Have a question about health and wellness?  You can use the form below to submit questions to the Member Development team.  These questions will be addressed during Wellness Wednesday.  Please keep in mind you are not required to include a name when submitting a question.  It is completely permissible to maintain anonymity.  If you’d like a direct response, please include an e-mail address so we can respond to you.