Get in touch with Phi Psi’s at the 2019 World Scout Jamboree

From July 22 to August 2, 2019, the World Scout Jamboree will be hosted in the United States for the first time in 52 years at the Bechtel Summit Reserve in central West Virginia by the New River Gorge National River. Dr. Lee Pyles, WV Alpha ’77 will be attending and supporting the emergency medical unit. John Miesner, WV Alpha ’81 will be attending as a scoutmaster with Unit 316, Subcamp A.

With 35,000 scouts from 160 countries, plus 20,000 adult volunteers, it will be one of the largest international events in the world occurring in 2019.

Lee and John invite any other Phi Psis’ attending to contact them to try to meet at the Jamboree. Get in touch with them here.