Phi Kappa Psi Leadership Competency Model

As a leading fraternity for college men, Phi Kappa Psi developed a set of member development programs that fit the needs of the modern collegiate man. Each of our educational programs are built upon a set of intentionally chosen leadership competencies. Our goal is to cultivate men who are self-aware, cultured, active members in their communities and looking to make a meaningful impact in all of their personal and professional endeavors.

Modeled on the Student Leadership Competencies approach and the Social Change Model, the Phi Kappa Psi Leadership Competencies provide a framework for members to build relevant skillsets for their personal and professional lives. The model provides a roadmap for the skills and abilities Phi Kappa Psi brothers should aspire to exemplify throughout their lives.

Each Phi Kappa Psi member development program is designed with these competencies in mind— ELEVATE, PIVOT, and Regional Leadership Training are just a few examples of how we cultivate these competencies in our members.

  • A Master of his Strengths and Values
    • A Phi Psi recognizes his strengths and his personal values, harnessing them for the good of others. We believe this is the necessary foundation for a healthy and well Phi Psi.
  • The Developed Phi Psi
    • Interpersonal Skills
      • A Phi Psi excels in communicating with others and handling challenging situations.
    • Professional Development
      • A Phi Psi takes the necessary steps to prepare himself for a successful professional career in the industry of his choice.
    • Self-Awareness & Health
      • A Phi Psi is aware of his individual needs and concerns and addresses them with appropriate resources.
    • Worldview & Perspective
      • A Phi Psi is curious, cultured, and chooses to do the right thing for the well-being of others.
  • Organizational Dexterity
    • A Phi Psi is actively involved with his organizations and always seeking to improve how they function.
  • Social Impact
    • A Phi Psi devotes his time, talent and treasure to causes important to him and seeks opportunities to make a long-term, meaningful impact.

Individual Category

InterpersonalProfessional DevelopmentSelf-Awareness & Well-BeingWorldview & Perspective
Conflict ManagementNegotiationStress ManagementIdentity Awareness
Bystander BehaviorCareer PreparationEmotional IntelligenceInclusion
Interpersonal RelationshipsFinancial LiteracyHealthy MasculinityDivergent Thinking
Personal BrandResilienceCritical Thinking
CourageEthical Decision-Making
Time Management
Lifelong Learning

Group Category

Membership OpportunityOrganizational DynamicsOrganizational Change
Problem-SolvingGroup Communication
Project Management

Society Category

PhilanthropyCitizenshipUnderstanding Social Identities