Phi Kappa Psi Headquarters Staff

Ronald Ransom - Executive Director

Ron Ransom Butler ’00 | Executive Director

Originally from Gahanna, Ohio, Ron majored in business administration. He uses his free time singing and listening to music and aspires to meet former President Barack Obama one day. Contact Ron if you have questions regarding headquarters operations, special projects, liability insurance coverage or chapter insurance.  

Phone: 317-275-3416

Amanda Baldwin | Chief Financial Officer

Contact Amanda if you have questions regarding fraternity financials, human resources or audits & tax preparation.

Phone: 317-275-3413

Business Operations

The Business Operations team handles most of our administrative, technology and logistical areas for our chapters and the National Fraternity. These areas include financial and billing questions, membership reporting, risk management and insurance issues.

Ben Teague - Director of TechnologyBen Teague Indiana ’19 | Director of Technology

Contact Ben if you have questions regarding the Phi Psi Portal, LEDN Network or general information technology questions.

Phone: 317-275-3421

Nathan Whisman - Associate Director of TechnologyNathan Whisman Wabash ’10 | Associate Director of Technology

Contact Nathan if you have questions regarding troubleshooting the Phi Psi Portal, Phi Psi Store (Member items), manual distribution or general membership management questions.

Phone: 317-275-3419

Angela Holder - Adminstrative Assistant

Angela Holder | Administrative Assistant 

Everyone who walks through the front doors of Laurel Hall is greeted with a warm smile by Angela. She lives a blessed life by being able to sew things for her home and eating Mexican food (chips & quesoas often as she can. Contact Angela with any administrative support or general inquiries you may have. 

Phone: 317-275-3400

Chapter Operations

The Chapter Operations team are the experts on chapter management and operations. From colony to chapter, they are responsible for working with our members to ensure our chapters are operating efficiently and living up to our maxim, The Great Joy of Serving Others.

Benjamin Sigler - Senior Director of Chapter Operations

Benjamin Sigler Bowling Green ’10 | Senior Director of Chapter Operations

A wannabe cast member at Disney World, Ben decided to start playing golf instead. Now, you can find him hiking, playing tennis or eating tacos outside of work. Contact Ben if you have questions regarding crisis management or intervention, risk management practices or general chapter operation questions. 

Phone: 317-275-3432

Brandon Ball Headshot

Brandon Ball IUPUI ’14 | Associate Director of Standards

Growing up, Brandon wanted to be a pilot but shifted gears in college majoring in neuroscience and psychology. When he isn’t devouring McDonald’s cinnamon rolls, you can find him on the golf course or watching Anthony Bourdain. Contact Brandon about issues regarding chapter operations, accreditation, risk management practices and chapter finances. 

Phone: 317-793-0272

Christian Pation - Associate Director of Standards

Cristian Patino Ball State ’18 | Associate Director of Standards

From Munster, Indiana, Cristian is detailed orientated and believes that slow and steady wins the race. When he isn’t working, you can find him either working out in the gym or zipping through the Taco Bell drive thru. He lives his life by the Finding Nemo quote of, “Just Keep Swimming.”

Phone: 317-275-3433

Elijah Williams Headshot

Elijah Williams Ball State ’17 | Director of Expansion

From the Circle City, Elijah is no stranger to hanging around a club house on the golf course enjoying a delicious hot dog. He dreams of meeting actor Robert Downey Jr. because, “He is Iron Man.” Contact Elijah for bringing Phi Kappa Psi to your campus, current colonies and general chartering questions.

Phone: 317-430-0617

Carlos Giordani HeadshotCarlos Giordani CSUN ’18 | Expansion Consultant

Carlos comes to us from sunny Los Angeles, California. After an amazing experience, he joins us to help develop the outstanding men of Phi Psi. When he is not working, you can find him partaking in hiking, bodybuilding and helping others with personal training & diet. On his cheat days, he loves burgers, wings and many types of seafood. He is also an avid and passionate chess player. Contact Carlos if you have questions related to expansion recruitment or general expansion inquiries.
Phone: 317-670-0902

Alumni Engagement

The Alumni Engagement team works with our alumni network to serve in volunteer positions with our chapters, House Corporations and Alumni Associations. The team ensures the bonds of Phi Kappa Psi do not end at graduation rather last throughout our member’s life.

Adam Morgan HeadshotAdam Morgan GW ’01 | Senior Director of Development & Alumni Engagement

Adam grew up in Avenue, MD with the dreams of becoming a Naval Aviator and to this day, he wishes he had the superpower of flight. While he isn’t a pilot by trade, you can find him on a plane discovering new places with his family all while enjoying some good BBQ. Contact Adam if you have questions about Founders Day, how to support our chapters as an alumni or general alumni inquiries.

Timothy Tangen - Director of Alumni Associations

Timothy Tangen Minn. – Duluth ’03 | Director of Alumni Associations and Housing; Archivist

Raised in South Milwaukee, this former Champ loves to munch on beef jerky and describes his life as “God, family and Wisconsin sports.” Contact Timothy if you have questions regarding historical information, alumni associations, Canonsburg Corporation or the Phi Psi Ritual. 

Phone: 317-275-3427

Kari MurphyKari Murphy (Kappa Delta) | Director of Alumni Engagement

From the great state of Minnesota, Kari dreamed of covering the brutal snow storms as a TV news reporter growing up. Instead, this avid runner found her calling in higher education. Kari lives her life by a quote from former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, “A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.” Contact Kari if you have questions as to how to stay engaged as an alumni, volunteering in the Phi Psi Family or supporting alumni efforts.

Member Development

The Member Development team works to create and establish programs that provide our members with high-quality instruction and have a lasting impact. Through New Member Education, Leadership Development and wellness initiatives, the team strives to develop programs that are memorable and engaging for members.

Devin Basile Headshot

Devin Basile (Pi Lambda Phi) | Senior Director of Member Development

Originally from North Royalton, Ohio, he grew up wishing to be a Pokemon Master. When he isn’t planning programming for Phi Psi, you can find him taking a hike or practicing magic. Contact Devin if you have questions regarding programming, Phi Psi Family, Regional Leadership Training and New Member Education. 

Phone: 317-275-3435


The Communications team uses a variety of media to ensure our members are aware of the latest news in Phi Kappa Psi and connecting them with helpful resources. Contact our team to discuss overall communication, branding, media relations, social media standards/issues and The Shield.

Ryan Parker - Senior Director of Communications

Ryan Parker | Senior Director of Communications

Raised in Richmond, Indiana, Ryan grew up with aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player. As life continued, he found a passion for music which he shared with his dad. Speaking of music, Ryan wishes he could meet Dave Matthews to talk about music, life, arts and culture. Contact Ryan for questions regarding overall communications, Phi Psi branding and The Shield.

Phone: 317-757-9777

Drake DelosSantos - Associate Director of Communications

Drake DelosSantos | Associate Director of Communications

Originally from South Carolina, Drake can be found hitting the links on the weekend, running down the Monon Trail, jamming out to Lady Gaga, taking in the latest Broadway show or traveling. Contact Drake with questions regarding overall public & media relations, social media, website management and email marketing campaigns.

Phone: 317-632-1852

Beth Winchell - Graphic Design Manager

Beth Winchell | Creative Design Manager

When Beth isn’t working, you can find her reading a good book, eating pizza or taking in a laugh watching Carol Burnett. Her favorite quote is, “Whatever you are, be a good one” by Abraham Lincoln. Contact Beth with questions regarding visual production or Phi Psi materials, brand management and the Style Guide. 

Phone: 317-275-3448