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Startup Cafe

Bill Rollinson | UCLA '78

Bill Rollinson ‘78 recently published “Startup Cafe,” which is available on Amazon. The book is a collection of stories about growing up in the Silicon Valley in the 1970s, and the pioneers behind the scenes who introduced early software for the Apple Macintosh and more. 

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The Dead Drop

James M. Roth | UCLA '79

James M. Roth ‘79 is a former CIA officer who served in the Middle East, Europe, and the South Pacific. He recently published a suspense thriller called, “The Dead Drop,” which explores themes of duplicity and betrayal and captures the human tension of real-world espionage. Adults and young adults alike will be captivated by the tale of four resourceful teens navigating a covert world of manipulation and ambiguity — guided by an unlikely ally.

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Company of Foos

Paul S. Davidson | UC Irvine '91

Paul S. Davidson ’91 released a novel “Company of Foos” in October 2023, based on his time working at Microsoft.

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I QUIT! Winning the War for Top Talent

Scott T. Rupp | Missouri '94

Scott T. Rupp ‘94 authored “I QUIT! Winning the War for Top Talent.”  It is a fascinating journey into the minds of the current workforce and the ever-changing attitudes of the modern-day employee. Rupp guides leaders to navigate the current landscape and position their organization to dominate in the future of work. 

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A spectrum of Legacies

Mark Weber | Creighton '71

Mark Weber ’71 published “A Spectrum of Legacies,” which is currently required reading in an undergraduate program, a master’s program and a law school. It is being distributed by professional advisors and nonprofit organizations throughout the country.

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Unwanted, Unworthy, UNSHACKLED

Brad Cousino | Miami '73

Brad Cousino ‘73 published a compelling memoir, “Unwanted, Unworthy, UNSHACKLED,” which tells how he endured 18 years of intense physical, emotional and verbal traumatic abuse. His traumatic past comes back to haunt him as a savage “winner-take-all” spiritual battle rages for the young man’s heart, life and future family.

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Threshold to Darkness

George A. Triffon | The Ohio State '51

George A. Triffon ‘51 published “Threshold to Darkness” in 2020. George was just beginning his career when his world was turned upside down by a string of events that left him completely blind. He wrote “Threshold to Darkness” in an effort to remember every detail of this pivotal time in his life, which not only changed his life, but also the lives of everyone around him. Sadly, George passed away February 5, 2023.

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My Name is Dozer and I am a Ball Player

Robert C. Dolezal | Case Western Reserve '65

Robert C. Dolezal ‘65 published a memoir earlier this year chronicling his 20 seasons playing baseball in the Boston Men’s Baseball League.  “My Name is Dozer and I am a Ball Player” covers his accomplishments, life lessons learned, and related experiences that he would not have experienced but for baseball.  Baseball … food for the soul!

Caves of Fall Creek Falls

Larry E. Matthews | Vanderbilt '65

Larry E. Matthews ‘65 has been writing about the underground wonders of Tennessee’s inner landscapes for more than 40 years. His work has documented the history and exploration of several of Tennessee’s largest and most beautiful cave systems. An avid historian, his books document the rich history that surrounds the geology of the state.

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The Secret of the 48th Foot

Forest J. Bowman | West Virginia '58

Forest J. Bowman ‘58, an Emeritus Professor of Law at West Virginia University, has published three books: “The Secret of the 48th Foot,” a suspense thriller takes place all over West Virginia. “All Our Yesterdays,” which recently received the 2023 Kindle Book Award in the Mystery-Thriller category, tells the story of Adam Richter, an undernourished fourteen-year-old orphan, who is sent to live on a hardscrabble farm where two brothers beat him repeatedly. Adam flees back to his hometown and, through hard work and very clever planning, rises from his humble beginnings. “The Richmond Exchange” takes place during the American Civil War, when a young U.S. Army lieutenant uncovers a Confederate plot to kidnap President Lincoln and bring down the U.S. government. This novel received a silver medal from Global Book awards in the historical thriller category.

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Creating a Meaninful Life

Shannon Hodges | Arkansas '79

Shannon Hodges ‘79 is the author of a dozen books and about 100 articles. His most recent book, “Creating a Meaningful Life,” is a practical guide for helping professionals. An alumnus of Arkansas Alpha, Brother Hodges was tutor-in-residence at Oregon Beta in the mid-1980s.He is a professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Niagra University in New York.

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Dogs of Catherine Town

George Guess | Cal '65

George Guess ‘65 recently wrote and published a fictional satire called, “Dogs of Catherine Town” which is available on Amazon. Brother Guess says, “I think Phi Psi dog owners and Slavic studies majors everywhere would enjoy it!” 

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Every Plane Behind Me

Jim Heffernan | Valparaiso '62

Jim Heffernan ‘62 recently self-published a book available on Amazon called, “Every Plane Behind Me.” The story relates to his father’s experience as an Army Air Force pilot during World War II. 

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The Agony of Heroes

Dr. Thomas S. Helling | Kansas '66

Dr. Thomas S. Helling ‘66 has authored more than 100 scientific articles and the following books, “The Great War and the Birth of Modern Medicine,” “The Agony of Heroes” and “Desperate Surgery in the Pacific War.” Doctor Helling provides a unique perspective on military medical history with his intimate familiarity with military medicine, trauma surgery and medical history. He served in the Army Medical Corps from 1991 to 2000, receiving an honorable discharge at the rank of lieutenant colonel. Brother Helling is currently a tenured Professor of Surgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. For more information, visit:

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Kingdon Quarterback

Rustin C. Dodd | Kansas '06

Rustin C. Dodd ‘06 has co-authored a recently released book, “Kingdom Quarterback: Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs, and How a Once Swingin’ Cow Town Chased the Ultimate Comeback.” Brother Dodd’s collaboration with fellow journalist, Mark Dent, combines two inspiring tales. Their sports-writing skills and connection to Kansas City capture the rebirth of a city, a team’s triumph and how Patrick Mahomes, and the team he led, were exactly what was needed to bring Kansas City back together again.

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The Last Book of Leadership

Christopher G. Hornick | Rutgers '87

Christopher G. Hornick ‘87 released a book in 2022 called, “The Last Book of Leadership.” Available on Amazon, the book focuses on evolutionary leadership over the past 300,000 years and targets both emerging and seasoned leaders. It provides a field manual for becoming a more effective leader, case studies and key principles from impactful leaders throughout history, and a ground-breaking new leadership model to strengthen capabilities and increase executive presence.   

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The Hidden Secrets of Leadership Found in Song Lyrics

Chris Eddy | Ashland '85

Chris Eddy ‘85 published his second book, “The Hidden Secrets of Leadership Found in Song Lyrics: How the greatest songs of all time can teach you how to be a better leader!”. Available on Amazon, this book is a follow-up to his first book which focused on movie quotes and leadership lessons. Brother Eddy retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserves as a Brigadier General and from the FBI as an Intelligence Manager. He has a PhD in Leadership and is a City Commissioner in Weston, Florida, where he lives with his wife and two high school children. 

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Charles H. Norman III | Texas Tech '70

Charles H. Norman III ‘70 published a book in 2021 called “Remembrances,” which is available on Amazon. The book is a collection of true short stories and personal anecdotes about people he’s known, experiences he’s had, and places he’s been. A follow-up book, “Remembrances II,” is in the works. In 2022, Brother Norman published “Road to Reconciliation … And Beyond,” a story about a young singer in the 60s who faced racial discrimination in his small Texas hometown. 

Brazilian Odyssey

Stephen E. Murphy | Washington '63

Stephen E. Murphy ‘63 has authored three books of “odyssey and redemption.” The first book includes several vignettes from Phi Psi regarding the turning points in life. His third, “Brazilian Odyssey,” is set to publish in September 2023 in Brazil, where Brother Murphy lived for 14 years as a young professional and explorer of life.

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