The Power of Networking

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” Yes, prior education and experience can help aid in the job-hunting process but what if you had a contact that already worked at your dream company? What if that contact knew the hiring manager and was able to put in a good word for you? In return, you’ve secured an interview and hopefully, the job! None of that would be possible with one key word: networking.

Phi Kappa Psi is proud to offer many resources for brothers to connect with others around the world to help fulfill potential opportunities and expand their reach. Check out some of the resources below:

  • Phi Kappa Psi Alumni & Undergraduate LinkedIn Group – This member only group boasts over 11,000 brothers looking to help others in job hunting and hiring. Request access to join and drop a message in the group to see which brothers can help you!
  • Phi Psi Networking LinkedIn Group – Different from the Alumni & Undergraduate, this group is selective to those who make an annual charitable gift of $500 or more to the Phi Psi Foundation. This group houses many vice-presidents and chief executive officers of major national and international companies to network with.
  • Wineman Mentoring Advantage Program (MAP) – For those who may be in their freshman, sophomore or junior year, the MAP program is a great tool to connect you with a mentor in the field you want to work in. Sign up today to be connected with a mentor to help guide you throughout your studies and help expand your reach.

While Phi Kappa Psi offers resources to our members, it is ultimately up to you on how much you want to network and how fast you want to expand your reach. Use these tips as you begin to network and refer to them as you continue your professional journey:

  • Utilizing LinkedIn – The world’s biggest professional social media platform, LinkedIn, allows you to showcase your education, experience, skills and connect with those you thought may have not been possible. Check out this video on how to best set up your profile and start getting those connections!
  • Join a Young Professionals Group – Many local chamber of commerce’s’ or non-profits often have a young professional group which you can join to get access to networking events, educational discounts, leadership classes and more. The best part, most of the people in these groups are there for the same reason: to expand their network. A simple Google search can tell you what organizations/groups are offered in your area.
  • Join Professional Organizations – Most professions have a national organization they can join with others who do the exact same job. These organizations can be costly but come with a slew of benefits. Two of the biggest being job boards catered directly to those in that profession and ample opportunities to network at the national and state level.
  • Finally, Ask Questions – One of the things many people neglect to do as they continue their professional endeavors is asking questions. Early in your career, you may not know the ins and outs of business. By asking questions, you can learn so much and may open the door to be able to complete your own project. As you gain experience, look back and ask questions of the younger generation. Learn what is “new”, “hip” or “current” with their generation. This will allow you to not only market potential new business but yourself.