What makes someone healthy and well? Providing answers to this question is at the core of our ELEVATE strategy. 

ELEVATE focuses on helping members achieve optimal wellness. Phi Psi seeks to help members understand how to prevent problems or address issues early while also providing information on how to develop and maintain healthy behaviors and habits. The Wellness Wheel focuses on not just understanding behaviors to eliminate, but also promotes better, healthier choices. Learn more about the ELEVATE Health & Wellness initiative here 

The Wellness Wheel has six dimensions of wellness  Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Professional, Spiritual and Social. Within each dimension, there are outcomes we believe each member should achieve for optimal wellness. In addition to working on health within each dimension, the wheel is a representation of the importance of understanding the interconnected nature of our health. We cannot be our best self in one area when we are not managing health well in another area. Maintaining and monitoring health is an active process. We seek to provide education, information and resources that allow brothers to do this. All of Phi Psi’s member development programs include a wellness component to allow brothers to see the importance of the topic and where it fits on the wheel. 

Phi Psi’s ELEVATE initiative and the focus on the Wellness Wheel is anchored in the undergraduate experience. However, we also believe that identifying and building these habits as an undergraduate can lay a foundation for better health across the lifespan. 

The model used is adapted from one first conceptualized by Dr. Bill Hetler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute and is widely used by numerous health organizations and educational institutions.
  • Can appropriately manage and express a range of emotions
  • Knows how to share feelings with others in a healthy and productive way
  • Comfortable seeking help when needed
  • Maintains lifestyle with healthy habits and routine
  • Maintains awareness of personal health risks and concerns
  • Sees a primary care physician for regular check-ups and seeks treatment in timely manner when feeling ill
  • Holds awareness of personal beliefs and values which guide his life 
  • Respects the beliefs and values of others 
  • Connects to the values of the Fraternity and seeks to embody them 
  • Has a network within and outside the Fraternity to provide connection and support 
  • Understands how to cultivate and maintain relationships with others 
  • Preserves his relationships without manipulation, distrust, or control 
  • Values higher education and shows interest in chosen coursework 
  • Seeks opportunities to deepen understanding of topics beyond the classroom 
  • Dedicated to learning new concepts, improving skills, and challenging himself throughout his lifetime 
  • Finds enrichment from chosen coursework and subsequent career path 
  • Continually develops skillset to be professionally competent and competitive 
  • Seeks fulfillment and self-actualization through their profession