Why Phi Psi

Are you looking to join a brotherhood of honorable men? Or, perhaps, you simply seek an environment in college that will grow your network and provide an accepting place to heighten your maturity. Phi Kappa Psi can be that place. Make sure you visit our Chapter Locator to find the undergraduate chapter nearest you! What do we offer…

Values and Responsibility 

When we come to college, our habits are not completely crystallized. We face four years that will shape our thought process and actions for the rest of our lives. The oath Phi Psis take to the Fraternity’s basic principles of honor, truth and service to others influence these patterns for the rest of their lives. Phi Psi chapters utilize their collective influence to hold themselves to being men of excellence who behave responsibly. This means that Phi Psi chapters don’t haze their new members, they obey the law, they act in a manner that brings honor not just to themselves but to Phi Psis everywhere, they treat women with respect and they protect those who cannot defend themselves. That last point is especially true, as we hold ourselves to our founding motto “The Great Joy of Serving Others.” Service is at the core of what we do, and it is a big reason why our actions stand out in crowd and attract the best, like Brian Castro, and many others. Holding yourself to a higher standard can be what separates you from the pack during and after college.


After graduation, networking will play a key role in job searches and future employment opportunities. During their years spent in the chapter, Phi Kappa Psi members develop their interpersonal skills by interacting with the diverse members of their chapter and practicing recruitment of qualified men. Strong chapters exert a positive influence over members to hold themselves to gentlemanly behavior at all times, thus better preparing their social poise for life after college. Additionally, Phi Kappa Psi offers members an instant network of over 70,000 living members with similar ideals and values. Regional Alumni Associations keep members connected and many loyal Phi Psis continue to attend national events for years after graduation.


Phi Psi often provides members with a home away from home. Members have a group of diverse brothers there to pick them up when they are down, support them when they need it and guide them when they stray from the course. Nothing can duplicate the bonds of brotherhood during and after college.


Chapters of Phi Psi offer members the opportunity to step into officer leadership roles, often seeing to the needs and coordinating the actions of 50+ people. On the committee level of Phi Psi, members learn to cooperate in groups and work together to solve problems. In addition, the National Fraternity offers members several annual leadership schools and on site leadership retreats to develop all our member’s skills. Phi Psis have the potential to step out of college with a leg up on the competition in terms of leadership capability.

Academics and Scholarships 

Phi Kappa Psi is committed to the academic success of its members; in fact it is our top priority. We exist to compliment and support the academic experience of each member of Phi Kappa Psi. On many campuses across the country, Phi Kappa Psi ranks among the top groups in GPA. Many chapters have scholarship programs that include minimum GPA requirements, study support systems, study and time management workshops, incentives for improvement and excellence in academics, and general guidance in academic success. Nothing can come close to the value of an older chapter brother there to guide you through the toughest of scholastic challenges.

Furthermore, the Phi Kappa Psi foundation supports members academically by annually offering over $350,000 in scholarships and grants to members of the Fraternity.

Lifelong Friendships 

Upon joining Phi Kappa Psi, members form lifelong bonds that never die. The oath Phi Psis take will forever keep them connected in spirit. Many members utilize national Phi Kappa Psi events as opportunities to see their old friends whom they were so close with in college. Now, with online networking and educational tools like the Phi Psi Experience, keeping in touch with brothers is easier than ever.

Dedication and Loyalty 

Phi Kappa Psi does not work without a strong commitment from our members. Any member can tell you that, just like in life in general, you will only get out of Phi Psi what you put in. This dedication will carry throughout life for many Phi Psis. Also, your undergrad experience will be enhanced such that you will be more likely to return to campus for homecoming, to meet with old friends and meet the new, young Phi Psis, years down the road.

Business Skills 

All of the above mentioned attributes, particularly time management skills from scholastic training, networking, loyalty and leadership are highly valued by businesses searching new employees. As previously mentioned so many times, Phi Psis graduate with a leg up on the competition.

Check out this website, created by the North American Interfraternity Conference as a resource for men interested in fraternity life!

Note: New members, once initiated, are required to complete GreekLifeEdu.  For more information, visit our GreekLifeEdu page.