Phi Psi Tech Connection

By Ben Teague Indiana ‘19, Senior Director of Technology

Ben Teague - Director of Technology


We are desensitized to the many organizations and companies that want our data—and for good reason. As a membership organization, however, our data is used for different purposes. We have a personal and emotional connection to each other as brothers and it is vital for us to receive updated contact information from our community of brothers, parents, and volunteers. This information is used to deliver The Shield, both physically and virtually, and allows our brothers to find each other. Members come to us to help organize reunions, lost connections, and a myriad of purposes related to the brotherhood.

With your help we can continue to provide the service of connecting each other. Besides calling or emailing us, we have a Brother Directory in our Phi Psi Portal ( There you can search for any brother who is in our system. You can also update your contact information on the portal so that other brothers can search and find you. This is all behind a secure portal meant for Phi Psi’s and our volunteers only. Although we encourage keeping your contact information open, you can still update your profile and remove yourself from showing your phone number, email, or physical address, respectfully. Leaving yourself open allows for other alumni and undergraduates who may want to seek out a connection with you. Many of our younger undergraduates and alumni seek encouragement, advice and mentoring. We know many of you have life experiences that can benefit these young men.

Other methods of updating your contact include sending us an email at or filling out our contact update form (see the button below). The Phi Psi Portal has many features, and we recommend using it as the primary means of self-updating.

Our bond relies on each of us to do our part and provide information about ourselves. We are part of a larger community that is fueled by relationships. With just a small effort from each of us, we are stronger in return.