Positive Momentum


It’s not the refund or return many will remember, although most would say Brother Vierregger had a knack for making filing your taxes amusing and lucrative, but rather his passion and heart for those he served. Hank was a dedicated professional, friend, community servant, husband, father and brother.

From an early age, as one of 12 children, Hank learned the value of family, the importance of hard work and the significance of approaching even the most challenging situations with humor. Hank joined Chapter Eternal at the age of 87 on April 24, 2023.

Initiated into Phi Psi’s Cal Gamma Chapter in 1956, Hank graduated in 1961 from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science in Business. He served as Chapter President and House Manager and was known to many as a brother with an adventurous spirit.

As an undergraduate, he was drafted by the U.S. Army and deployed to Germany. After his service, Hank returned to Berkeley and finished his studies.

In 1969 Hank became a California Certified Public Accountant. He later established his own practice, Vierregger Accountancy Corporation, which served clients for over five decades and continues to this day. But for Hank it was about more than the numbers. The Accountancy provided for his family, including his treasured Phi Psi Sweethearts — his wife Sue, and his daughter, Kris — the opportunity to travel and to do good in the world. Hank and Sue, a retired teacher, traveled to all corners of the world creating memories and making friends.

Hank was beloved by all. He was genuine, embodied Phi Psi’s gentlemanly spirit and was a true philanthropist. His upbringing and career taught him the value of the dollar and to share his good fortune, through gifts of time and treasure, helping to advance causes and organizations locally and regionally. He served and supported the Orlinga School for the Deaf, the University of California, Berkley, The Gathering Church and Trinity Hope.

One of his greatest honors was his membership in Phi Kappa Psi. “His smile was infectious. He was an inspiration to us all, showing us how to lead with honor, compassion, generosity and dignity. Throughout his life, Hank spent time helping and lifting up those brothers around him. He regularly wrote and talked to more than two dozen brothers keeping them abreast and connected to Cal Gamma,” shared Gary Goldstein Cal ’78.

Serving as a Foundation Trustee at his passing, he wanted other young men to have the opportunities and experiences that would lead them to live purposeful lives. He could often be found at chapter, regional and national Phi Psi events sharing his smile, wisdom and a joke or two. Several years ago, to demonstrate the intergenerational nature of the Fraternity, Hank established a tradition of handing down a pinky ring from chapter president to chapter president. It was a symbol that the current chapter president was to nurture and care for the Fraternity during his term of service. Hank was also a proud member of the Order of the S.C., the first Cal Gamman to do so.

Hank actively engaged in life, caring and doing for others. He awoke each day with purpose and passion and taught others, particularly with those Phi Psi undergraduates who he connected with, to do the same. His legacy will be remembered in the lives of those he touched. Hank is proof that selflessness and philanthropy are alive and well in the brotherhood.

To read Brother Vierregger’s full obituary, go to: obituaries.forestlawn.com/obituaries/henry-vierregger. Hank and his family have requested remembrances be made in the form of contributions in Hank’s honor at pkpfoundation.org/honoring-brother-vierregger/.