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Phi Psi Story

Veterans Day 2023

VETERANS DAY 2023 Happy Veterans Day from Phi Psi HQ! In honor of Veterans Day, we are extremely excited to share stories from Andy Dolvin Wittenberg '09 and Don Bonine Michigan State '60. These two Phi Psi veterans [...]

From the Archives: The Battle of the Badge

FROM THE ARCHIVES: The Battle of the Badge By Timothy Tangen Minn.-Duluth '03 You never know where your lost badge might turn up or where you might find one. From time to time, non-members contact the Fraternity to ask how to [...]

Process in Progress

Healthy Thinking: Process in Progress By Ty Burns, Associate Director of Communications Pressure exists from all angles. Parents expect things at first, but then the world expects much more as we age, and it’s hard to appease each demand with [...]

We Remember & Honor Foundation Trustee Hank Vierregger

A LETTER FROM OUR PRESIDENT Positive Momentum Vierregger It’s not the refund or return many will remember, although most would say Brother Vierregger had a knack for making filing your taxes amusing and lucrative, but rather his [...]

Phi Psi Tech Connection

Phi Psi Tech Connection By Ben Teague Indiana ‘19, Senior Director of Technology Teague We are desensitized to the many organizations and companies that want our data—and for good reason. As a membership organization, however, our data is used [...]

Brothers in More Ways Than One

Brothers in More Ways Than One By Charlie Norman Texas Tech ‘70 Norman I received an issue of The Shield months ago. Though I haven't been involved in Fraternity activities since my days at Texas Beta (Texas Tech 1969-1972), [...]

Business is Brewing

Cheers! Business is Brewing By Micah S. Kleid F & M ‘00 Moxey A joke about fraternity brothers drinking beer would be easy, but a $7.3 billion industry which includes  over 9,200 breweries across the United States is serious [...]

Belonging in Phi Kappa Psi

BENEATH THE BADGE: Belonging in Phi Kappa Psi By Brock Wagehoft RIT '15 Wagehoft I was raised in a village. Population 500. If you don’t know about downstate Illinois, picture cornfields and windmills. Throw in a railroad cutting through [...]

Becoming Lifelong Learners

PHI KAPPA PSI PROGRAMMING Becoming Lifelong Learners By HQ Staff Natalizio “He actually just texted me!” Justin Natalizio DePaul ’13 said, holding up his phone to show the notification from senior Michael Tamir Syracuse ’21. The Phi Psis met [...]